Guess the Movie 2


Guess the movie – in rather heterodox fashion



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If you're tired of traditional guess-the-movie games where you see a scene and have to pick or just type in the right answer, you'll probably like Guess the Movie 2. This fun game offers a new way to enjoy they classic cinema trivia gameplay as you spend hour after hour revealing the mystery hidden behind the puzzle.

To start, you should get familiar with the game mode: Guess the Movie 2 displays a fullscreen drawing related to the movie you have to uncover, and a series of 10 objects to find among the hodgepodge of items. Finding them will require your close attention to every minuscule possibility, as you never know where something might be hiding.

Once you've found absolutely everything asked of you, you then get to the million-dollar question: Which movie is this scene from? You have three possible answers and picking the right one is certainly no cakewalk. If you're right you unlock an even more complicated puzzle where the pieces to be found aren't as visible as before. Recall that you have to pick out the 10 items to keep moving forward. If you mess up, you have to start the round all over again.

Enjoy a new way to guess films with Guess the Movie 2, where you face the challenge of decrypting dozens of sketches that try to evoke, as faithfully as possible, key scenes or moments from the most famous films in cinema history.
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